"It was an honor to work with Mr. Skillman. He thoroughly reviewed my case and put his heart into providing a full-on legal defense for my home and family. He is more than just a competent lawyer; he is a human that actually cares about truth and justice in this country. His staff was respectful, courteous, and very responsive. I would recommend Mr. Skillman to anyone who needs an honorable lawyer to take their side."

"I have known Mr. Bottner & Mr. Skillman for about three years. They are always professional and do their research in a case. I have known them always to return my calls, and if they didn't have an answer for me at that exact moment, they would always get back to me. I would recommend them to anyone. Their office staff is friendly and always helpful. I couldn't say enough good things about them. They have helped me many times with business matters."

- Mary Bohn

Falling Waters man not guilty of grand larceny

A Falling Waters man was found not guilty of grand larceny during a recent trial in Berkeley County Circuit Court.

Robert P. Ziegler was indicted on October 23, 2014, for burglary, breaking and entering, and two counts of grand larceny. The burglary and breaking and entering charges were dismissed before trial. Mr. Ziegler's trial took place May 19 to May 21 in front of Judge Michael Lorensen. The jury deliberated for about an hour before returning the not guilty verdicts. Mr. Ziegler was represented by Charles Town lawyer, Kirk H. Bottner, of Bottner & Skillman, Attorneys at Law.