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New Year's Eve and domestic violence: How to stay safe

The relationship between domestic violence and alcohol is complicated -- and deadly. More than one research study has found that the majority of deadly domestic incidents are connected to the perpetrator's use of alcohol. In many cases, all it takes is a few drinks and access to a gun to start a domino-chain of events that will end in someone's death.

Orders of protection: The super-weapon of divorce

You think that your divorce is trudging along like most normal divorces and then, suddenly, you find yourself served with papers telling you that your spouse and children are under an order of protection -- from you.

Served with a protective order? What happens next?

If you've just been served with a family protective order, you may be feeling a variety of emotions -- anger, frustration and grief among them. However, the biggest thing you may be experiencing is a profound sense of confusion, particularly if you don't think you did anything to justify the order.


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