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Opioid addiction treatment continues to fall short

Opioid abuse and addiction have caught the attention of the authorities from coast to coast -- and they're cracking down on everyone even remotely connected to opioid use. Whether you're involved with large-scale drug trafficking or you're merely an addict who sells a few pills to feed your own addiction, you could easily wind up serving time.

West Virginia student charged with making terroristic threats

A West Virginia teenager has been arrested and charged with making terroristic threats against other students in his Cabell County high school. He's also been charged with stalking. According to authorities, the teen was keeping a "kill list" of people that he wanted to eliminate and had a letter threatening at least one individual on his phone.

What's the real value of a polygraph test?

Polygraph tests -- also called "lie detectors" -- have been around so long that they're a permanent part of the way American's picture law enforcement operations. In the movies and on television, the police can hook a suspect up to a polygraph machine and make a clean call about their guilt after just a few questions.

Liberal prosecutors are shaking up the justice system

The United States has problems with its criminal justice system -- particularly when it comes to disadvantages faced by the poor once they're charged with a crime. The inability to make bail or afford private attorneys has created two classes of prisoners: The "haves" and the "have-nots."

More West Virginians may qualify for expunged records

A criminal conviction doesn't just mean fines and incarceration -- it also means a lifetime where that criminal record follows you everywhere you go. That can ultimately limit the opportunities you have and make it much harder to put your past where it belongs.


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