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Bottner & Associates Attorneys at Law is a West Virginia law firm that provides passionate, aggressive and empathetic legal solutions to people in need. Bottner & Associates and his team provide a friendly, private and comfortable atmosphere where clients can receive legal guidance and advice from a team of people who truly care. If you have suffered an injury, need criminal law representation, have a family law matter or are considering bankruptcy, we can help.

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Kirk H. Bottner
Nicole Saunders-Meske

Dedicated, Empathetic And Understanding

We like to think of ourselves as real champions of the people. Bottner & Associates uses his extensive experience and argumentative strategies to help fight for our clients. Our firm uses its decades of experience, diverse backgrounds and unique skills to fight for justice and protect the rights of our clients.

We believe that everyone is entitled to high-quality advocacy and quality representation regardless of their situation. We make it our mission to provide accessible, valuable honest solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Serving Clients With Integrity

If you have a legal need, we want to help. We work with tenacity to help you find resolutions to your issues. We use our practical experience, top-notch civil litigation techniques and comprehensive knowledge of the law to fight for you. Our office is built on a small enough scale that we know our clients and our clients know us.

Putting Your Needs First

At Bottner & Associates Attorneys at Law, we never forget that we represent you and that your life will be impacted by the representation we provide. While we can never guarantee an outcome, we will always provide you with honest answers and fight aggressively to help you when you need us most. Contact us today. Call our Charles Town office at 304-885-4265. We serve clients throughout Martinsburg and surrounding areas. We are the place that has the guy with The Stache.