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A Dedicated Advocate To Guide You Through Divorce

No one gets married planning to divorce someday, but it is a painful and real part of life for some families. For most couples, the divorce process means dismantling a life made together and figuring out how to function as two separate households moving forward. When a marriage ends, there is much at stake. The outcome of your divorce will likely have a significant impact on your financial security and your relationship with your children for years to come.

Our lawyer will help guide you through the process. As necessary, we will fight on your behalf for what matters most. Your priorities are ours. At the same time, we will ensure that you understand the steps to divorce and your role in making key decisions along the way. In West Virginia, the process of an uncontested divorce can be surprisingly quick, depending on your circumstances. Talk with attorney at Bottner & Associates, Attorneys at Law, about your priorities and greatest concerns. Allow us to explain how we can help you come closer to achieving your goals in your West Virginia divorce.

Nuts And Bolts Of Your Divorce

We provide comprehensive divorce representation. We are ready to guide you capably and reassuredly through the legal processes relevant to your case, including:

  • Negotiating distribution of property and assets
  • Dividing real estate, bank accounts, vehicles, tools, collectibles and retirement accounts
  • Establishing parenting plans
  • Determining child custodial and decision-making responsibilities of each parent
  • Addressing parental relocation, if applicable
  • Determining spousal support obligations
  • Calculating child support

The first topic listed above – the division of assets – may seem straightforward until the time comes to make difficult decisions. Many couples believe they have an uncontested divorce until they discover points of disagreement. With a caring, experienced family law attorney from Bottner & Associates, Attorneys at Law, on your side, we can help you stay focused on the goal without getting lost in the details.

If You’re Going To Do divorce, Do It Right; Call The Stache

If you need and deserve spousal support, let the lawyer at our West Virginia family law firm make a case for it on your behalf. If you fear you’ll be asked to pay alimony or child support that you cannot afford, bring those concerns to our attention. We will work to keep you in as strong a position possible.

To schedule a consultation, call 304-885-4265 or send an email inquiry through this website. Don’t be rash; turn to the stache for the help and guidance that you are looking for.