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“I was involved in a car accident where I was badly injured. I had to file a claim against the guy that hit me and sue my own auto insurance company for Bad Faith. I did not know who to call, but a friend recommended Bottner & Associates. Bottner & Associates and his staff became like members of my own family. In the end, the cases were resolved for much more money than the insurance companies had offered! I would highly recommend Bottner & Associates to anyone involved in a personal injury!”

– Evelyn Writt

“Mr. Bottner and his staff have been a pleasure to work with on our Intervener’s and Adoption case. Mr. Bottner and all of his staff have been very responsive to all communication. They explained everything in clear, understandable terms. Once Mr. Bottner was on as our representation, the case progressed quickly and concluded successfully. I would use Mr. Bottner’s office for all legal issues due to his professionalism, staff and his expertise in the courtroom. We felt well represented all around.

Hope this helps! Thank you all for everything you’ve done for us!”

– Blake Costello

“Beginning in 2017, myself and my three young children embarked on a lengthy and stressful divorce process and custody battle that, were it not for Amanda, Marissa, and the rest of the team at Bottner & Associates, would have certainly ended in tragedy. As it stands now, my children are in my custody and thriving in school, we are near family, and I am expected to earn my MBA from UNC by Spring of 2021.
A dad getting full custody of kids in a divorce is not a common occurrence. It would have remained uncommon in my case had I not had Bottner & Associates advice and counsel through the process. The divorce was unexpected, but I was lucky at the outset to get the best lawyer in the area to walk me through the tribulation.
We suspected that my ex-wife’s behavior was the result of underlying mental health issues and drug addiction. Bottner & Associates advised me on items to keep track of and under what conditions we should proceed with an emergency custody hearing to ensure full custody would be given to me. Those conditions were present within two months of the initial finalized divorce order. I got physical custody of the kids after my ex-wife exhibited signs of mental instability. Bottner & Associates and his team were ready with the paperwork and further ready with additional steps to take – from drug tests to mental health evaluations to make that custody legal. Months dragged on as my ex-wife continued to attempt to skirt responsibility. I realized I would have to move closer to family as the costs of daycare and trying to maintain employment were becoming unsustainable. Bottner & Associates and his team were ready with this request as well. In the end, we got the judgement we wanted a full year a half after it all began.
That’s I think the biggest point to make here. Through this whole process, I was in contact with the Bottner & Associates and his staff weekly. The patience and understanding that were given me allowed me to keep up the good fight. Amanda is a top-notch paralegal – who graciously allowed me to vent at the process. The care, concern, and patience given to me when I had to show up at the office with a toddler and two fighting siblings was extraordinary. They all had the patience and the resolve to stand by me and I am truly grateful.
Today my children are in a safer and better place because of the professional skill and legal acumen of Bottner & Associates and his team. Beyond the professional lies the personal. Bottner & Associates and his staff believed in me and fought for my family as if it were their own. I could recommend no better legal team – I only wish Bottner & Associates could take and pass the Bar for the State of North Carolina because he would still be on retainer.”

– Matt Hartzell

“My daughter and I were involved in a serious car accident where multiple people were injured. I knew that I needed an attorney to help me navigate the ins and outs with the insurance company and make sure that all of our medical expenses were paid. I went to see Bottner & Associates and could not have been happier that I did. Bottner & Associates and his staff kept me informed every step of the way and achieved a great result!!!”

– Nicole Rainey

“Bottner & Associates gets nothing but praise from me! I had a felony and a misdemeanor hanging over my head for over a year. I was looking at quite a bit of time. I met with him on Monday the day before my preliminary hearing. We went to court the following day, and he got my charges dismissed. A huge burden was lifted off my back. In less than 24 hours, he worked a miracle. The prosecutor wouldn’t agree to the dismissal at first, but he persisted and didn’t give up. I have dealt with lawyers my whole life, and none of them have fought for me like Bottner & Associates did. If you want a lawyer who has your best interest in mind, I highly recommend Bottner & Associates! Thank you so much for getting me my life back!!!”

– KC 2017

“I have known Mr. Bottner & Mr. Skillman for about three years. They are always professional and do their research in a case. I have known them always to return my calls, and if they didn’t have an answer for me at that exact moment, they would always get back to me. I would recommend them to anyone. Their office staff is friendly and always helpful. I couldn’t say enough good things about them. They have helped me many times with business matters.”

– Mary Bohn

Falling Waters man not guilty of grand larceny

A Falling Waters man was found not guilty of grand larceny during a recent trial in Berkeley County Circuit Court.

Robert P. Ziegler was indicted on October 23, 2014, for burglary, breaking and entering, and two counts of grand larceny. The burglary and breaking and entering charges were dismissed before trial. Mr. Ziegler’s trial took place May 19 to May 21 in front of Judge Michael Lorensen. The jury deliberated for about an hour before returning the not guilty verdicts. Mr. Ziegler was represented by Charles Town lawyer, of Bottner & Associates, Attorneys at Law.