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What's the real value of a polygraph test?

Polygraph tests -- also called "lie detectors" -- have been around so long that they're a permanent part of the way American's picture law enforcement operations. In the movies and on television, the police can hook a suspect up to a polygraph machine and make a clean call about their guilt after just a few questions.

Well, it really doesn't work that way. Psychologists say that the machine is better described as a "fear detector," than any kind of lie detector. To detect a "lie," the polygraph machine measures such things as a suspect's:

  • Rises in blood pressure
  • Changes in breathing
  • A quickening heart rate
  • Increased sweating

Don't destroy your car accident claim

A car accident can leave you with a multitude of painful injuries and a pile of unpaid bills. As a result, you're perfectly justified in seeking compensation for your losses.

However, don't count on the insurance company to give up the money very easily. Insurance companies typically look for any way they can to devalue or deny a claim.

Orders of protection: The super-weapon of divorce

You think that your divorce is trudging along like most normal divorces and then, suddenly, you find yourself served with papers telling you that your spouse and children are under an order of protection -- from you.


Never ignore these symptoms after a West Virginia car accident

No one expects to be involved in a collision when getting behind the wheel to drive on a West Virginia roadway. It's a busy world, and you likely drive your car numerous times during the course of an average day. Driving to and from work, running errands, carting the kids to school or extracurricular events, and going to social gatherings all make for a busy driving schedule. You have a right to reasonably expect that the motorists with whom you are sharing the road will adhere to traffic laws.

The problem is that many don't. You have no way of knowing which drivers are cautious, alert and compliant and which are going to be negligent or reckless. Even if you notice potential trouble nearby, you may not be able to react quickly and safely enough to avoid a collision. If you suffer injuries, it could take days or weeks to recover. Some conditions, such as traumatic brain injuries, may cause symptoms that last a lifetime.

Possession of drugs and possession with intent to distribute

What's the difference between the possession of drugs and possession with the intent to distribute?

Legally speaking, a simple possession charge -- while still nothing to ignore -- isn't as serious as a charge of possession with the intent to distribute. Practically speaking, the difference may be more opinion than anything.

Injured by someone's negligence? Follow your doctor's orders!

There are not many positive things about getting involved in an accident due to someone else's foolish mistakes. More than likely, you've suffered physically and financially and will probably have to seek the services of a personal injury attorney to get fairly compensated.

There is, however, one thing that you absolutely need to do while you're in recovery from the accident: Follow your doctor's orders. Otherwise, you may become your own worst enemy when it comes to getting fair compensation for your losses.

Liberal prosecutors are shaking up the justice system

The United States has problems with its criminal justice system -- particularly when it comes to disadvantages faced by the poor once they're charged with a crime. The inability to make bail or afford private attorneys has created two classes of prisoners: The "haves" and the "have-nots."

That's not how our nation's criminal justice system is supposed to work. The problems have contributed to the rising prison population and the growing distrust of police officers among the general public.

Served with a protective order? What happens next?

If you've just been served with a family protective order, you may be feeling a variety of emotions -- anger, frustration and grief among them. However, the biggest thing you may be experiencing is a profound sense of confusion, particularly if you don't think you did anything to justify the order.

So, what happens next? Here's what you can do:

Does your child know how to behave safely around dogs?

As an adult, you have probably interacted with dogs more times than you could count. Based on your own experiences, you probably feel relatively confident interacting with almost any dog you might meet. However, people are not born with this knowledge.

Your child has not had the same experiences you had with dogs, and learning the hard way how to be safe can lead to serious and painful injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children are more likely than adults are to be bitten by a dog, and the injuries children receive are usually more severe than the injuries adults receive. With this vulnerability in mind, it is especially important to do what you can to prevent your child being bitten.


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