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4 dog bite myths

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2024 | Personal Injury Claims

While many people do not talk about the dangers of dog ownership, the reality is that dog bites do happen. 

Dog bites and other animal injuries can be misunderstood. It is important to learn about some common dog bite misconceptions: 

Myth 1: All dogs have rabies 

Truth: Dogs can have rabies. However, many dogs, especially ones who are not strays, are given rabies shots. This can protect victims of dog bites from contracting a serious illness. However, bites can still lead to infections and disease. It often depends on whether a dog had their shots and how an injury was treated and cared for. 

Myth 2: Only aggressive breeds of dog bite

Truth: Some dog breeds have a reputation for aggressive behaviors. While that may mean they are believed to be more likely to bite, any dog can bite someone regardless of their breed. Any kind of dog can bite because of training, injury or trauma, for example.

Myth 3: Small dogs are not aggressive

Truth: Much like the breed of a dog, the size of a dog does not always affect a dog’s aggression level. While smaller dogs may not appear to be as aggressive or intimidating as larger dogs, they can still cause serious injuries. 

Myth 4: You can file a dog bite claim at any time

Truth: Much like any personal injury case, victims of dog bites have a limited time to file a claim. Victims who are seeking compensation for their injuries have 2 years to file a dog bite claim. Failing to meet the statute of limitation can lead to issues. 

Seeking compensation for a dog bite is not always easy, It can help to reach out for help and learn about your legal options.