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Experienced And Compassionate Adoption Guidance Tailored To Your Needs

Family-related matters, even something as hope-inspired as adoption, can be emotionally trying. Unexpected complications and delays may come into the picture along the way. At Bottner & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we understand that these cases can be difficult for our clients. We provide you with a comforting environment to discuss your goals, review your situation and create workable plans for accomplishing your goal of adoption with the least difficulty possible.

Assisting Families With The Adoption Process

Adoption is a serious life decision that most adoptive families find rewarding. Our attorneys want to help you make your family complete as you pursue:

  • A private adoption
  • A closed or open adoption
  • A stepparent adoption
  • A grandparent adoption
  • Adoption of a foster child
  • The U.S. adoption following an international adoption
  • Adoption of an adult (perhaps a caregiver or extended family member)

Prior to any adoption, the rights of one or both biological parents must be terminated. When a parent does not communicate with or support their child for a period of six months, the parent is presumed to have abandoned the child under West Virginia law. In these cases, adoption can move forward without consent or notification. Our attorney will review your situation and help you take the appropriate steps to terminate parental rights and pursue adoption.

For Help With Family Law Solutions That Last, Call The Stache

If you need legal counsel regarding adoption or any family-related matter, call our office at 304-885-4265 to see how we can help your family move forward. You may also reach out to us by completing our online form. Located in Charles Town, we serve families in need throughout the Martinsburg, West Virginia, area.