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Getting fatigued drivers off the road

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Officers in Iowa and other states across the country are investigating transfer trucks and their drivers under more scrutiny during road checks to determine if driver fatigue could be the cause of accidents. When officers check trucks, they look at the log that the driver keeps to ensure that proper rest breaks are taken and to ensure that the proper safety and mechanical inspections of the truck have been performed. These inspections take place at weigh stations along interstates.

A Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance event is held once a year and takes place over three days. During this time, officers perform a 37-point inspection. After checking the vehicle, officers will talk to the truck driver. The goal of the event is to make drivers aware of being fatigued while on the road or staying off the road if the driver is sick. Drivers who don’t obey the rules are the ones who officers are trying to get off the road while making sure the drivers who are abiding by the rules continue driving.

For most drivers who are taken off the road, they aren’t in compliance with hours of service regulations. Impairments related to drinking, fatigue and drug use played a part in 157 crashes that resulted in at least one fatality in 2016, which is why officers are inspecting drivers and vehicles more carefully. A test is given to drivers who officers suspect might be fatigued or impaired for another reason. Electronic devices are often used to log rest breaks and other information.

At times, a truck driver might not notice being fatigued while driving until an accident occurs. Individuals who are injured as well as family members of drivers who are killed in truck accidents may wish to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney. Compensation might be awarded for lost wages, medical treatments and other monetary losses that occur as a result of the accident.