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Roundabouts can help reduce serious and fatal accidents

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Dangerous intersections in West Virginia could be made safer if roundabouts are installed instead of stop signs or traffic lights. According to studies by the United States Department of Transportation, roundabouts reduce serious and fatal accidents by 78 to 82 percent. A serious motor vehicle accident, also known as an “A” accident, is defined as an accident that causes broken bones, massive loss of blood or unconsciousness to occur.

Though traffic lights have been found to reduce the number of vehicle crashes overall, the accidents that do occur at traffic lights are often more serious. This is especially true when there are intersections on roads with high speed limits. Roundabouts force drivers to slow down, which reduces the severity of the collisions.

Overall, roundabouts are more likely to cause minor injuries. While collisions may be more frequent, the consequences will be less severe. This is why safety advocates believe that installing roundabouts in rural areas may prove beneficial for the health and safety of community members.

Car accidents that happen at intersections often are the result of speeding, drug or alcohol intoxication or distracted driving. When a driver doesn’t exercise the proper duty of care while operating a motor vehicle, he or she may be held responsible for criminal and civil damages. In the case of someone who caused a serious accident to occur, a lawyer could look at the police report, cell phone logs and drug screening results in order to prove fault. These efforts could help the victim receive damages for medical care and loss of employment as a result of the accident.