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Is hands-free technology really safe to use while driving?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many drivers today believe that using hands-free technology while driving is a responsible decision. After all, texting and holding your phone to talk while you drive are dangerous distractions. Every day in the U.S., nine people are killed in collisions involving distracted drivers. Hands-free technology should ensure that drivers can remain focused on the road.

Unfortunately, hands-free technology isn’t exactly safe. While it may not be as bad as texting while driving, hands-free users are still at higher risk of getting into an accident on the road than those who drive distraction-free. Here’s what you need to know about hands-free technology.

Why is hands-free technology dangerous for drivers?

Have you ever noticed how you can’t read a book and watch television at the same time? It’s because your brain can only process one task at a time. To stay safe behind the wheel, drivers must be sure to:

  • Have their eyes on the road
  • Have their hands on the wheel
  • Have their mind on driving

Hands-free cellphone use may free up your hands and allow you to keep your eyes on the road, but cognitive distractions are unavoidable when you focus on a task other than driving. In fact, a driver’s field of vision will actually narrow while they are driving and talking on the phone. Drivers talking to someone on the phone, even with hands-free technology, can miss seeing up to 50% of their surroundings.

Hands-free and handheld cell phone use can be deadly distractions while driving. Limiting your technology use behind the wheel can ensure you and your passengers always get to your destination safely.