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Family protective orders can keep you safe from abuse

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Family Protection Orders

Being caught in an abusive relationship can be a scary time. If the abuse is just too much or if you feel your safety is at risk, it may be time to file for a family protective order. The following is some information that may help those in Charles Town seeking family protective orders.

How can a family protective order keep you safe?

It may seem hard to believe how a piece of paper like a family protective order can keep you safe. However, family protective orders are very powerful. They can stop the abuser from harming you, harassing you, stalking you, making threats or intimidating you or your children if you have any. A family protective order can prohibit your abuser from contacting you or showing up at your workplace or school. Family protective orders can also keep your abuser from owning a firearm.

Family protective orders can address divorce legal issues temporarily

In addition, family protective orders can include temporary child custody and child support provisions, as well as temporary spousal support provisions. It can even address pet custody, and it can require reimbursement of expenses related to the abuse, such as medical bills, shelter expenses and more.

Attorneys can help those in need of a family protective order

It can be very hard to know where to turn for help if you are the victim of domestic violence. You may fear your abuser, especially if they make threats to harm you or a loved one if you leave. However, family law attorneys in Charles Town understand these concerns and may be able to help.