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Man arrested in connection with fatal Milton gas station shooting

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2021 | Criminal Defense

The malaise of a quiet afternoon outside a Milton gas station was cut by the sound of gun fire. Police responded to the scene at the Go-Mart on 323 Summers Addition Road to find a 54-year-old man lying on the pavement with gunshot wounds.

According to reports, immediately prior to the shooting, the man had a domestic dispute with his wife. The accused, armed with a pistol, tried to intervene in the matter. An altercation between the two men ensued and the accused shot the victim in the back as he turned to run away.

The two men did not know each other, and the shooting appears to be an isolated incident, according to police. An investigation remains underway.

Being charged with a crime can change your life

Being convicted for a violent crime has ramifications far beyond prison time. Even after your sentence is over, it may be difficult to rent apartment, find a job, and even vote in an election.

Considering the stakes, having the right defense attorney by your side is critical. The prosecution may seem disinterested in your side of the story; in fact, you may feel you’re being treated as guilty from the start.

An experienced attorney will ensure your rights are recognized and your story gets told fairly in court. Additionally, they know what know what the prosecution needs to prove their case and can launch a counter investigation to uncover the facts.

West Virginia residents shouldn’t hesitate to get started. The early stages of a criminal case have an outsized impact on the end result.