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Parkersburg murder suspect arrested

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Criminal Defense

By now, most of us have heard about the two suspects in the Parkersburg murder. After all, there has been a week-long manhunt that has been reported. Though, those two suspects were captured and arraigned Sunday.

The Parkersburg murder

According to the Ritchie County Sheriff’s Department and West Virginia State Police, among many additional law enforcement agencies, one suspect, a 43-year-old local assaulted a woman in her residence with a pistol, and then shot man in the same house. They claim that he then fled the scene. The other suspect was wanted on charges from Washington County, but the reports are not entirely clear on how or whether this other suspect is suspected of involvement in that assault and murder.

The arrest

The authorities claim that a witness reported the suspects on Saturday staying in a Ritchie County cabin along W.Va. Rt. 47. The witnesses claimed that they were checking on the cabin for the cabin’s owner when they encountered the suspects. After the report, the Virginia State Police, Ritchie County Sheriff’s Department, Wirt County Sheriff’s Department and West and Parkersburg Police Detectives descended on the cabin Sunday.

The arraignment

Then, the two suspects were arraigned Sunday evening. The arraignment was done by Magistrate Robin Waters in Washington County, and one suspect faces a charge of murder and the other faces a charge of being a fugitive from justice. Both are being held without bond, pending a hearing at Wood County Circuit Court, which is scheduled for this week.

After being arrested

First, everyone should know that anyone who is arrested (and even arraigned) is presumed innocent, regardless of what the police or prosecutors say or release to the media. However, once one is arrested, the entire weight of the West Virginia government will do everything it can to ensure that the accused is found guilty or pleads guilty. This is why it is so important to contact an attorney as soon as humanly possible, and to ask for an attorney immediately when arrested. When one has Charles Town problems to hash, call the stache, the Peoples’ Lawyers.