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What age of driver presents the biggest risk?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The most dangerous aged drivers are teenagers. A  2017 report found teenage drivers are twice as likely to crash than someone in their 20s and over three times as likely as someone aged 30 to 79. The figures are per mile driven.

Some of this is down to a lack of maturity, and we get wiser as we get older. Some is down to lack of road experience which you can only gain by driving more. Yet, not all crashes involve teenage drivers, and someone of any age could crash into you and injure you.

Drivers of a specific age are more likely to present certain risks

While every driver is an individual, a few age-related generalities could help you understand what happened if someone has crashed into you:

  • A parent of young children: Most people have kids when they are in their 20s or 30s. A driver of this age may well have children strapped in the car demanding their attention. Raising small children can be stressful, so that these parents may be tired or distracted.
  • An older person: The significant advantage that young drivers have over everyone else is their senses. They have the best sight, hearing and reactions of all drivers. By the time someone reaches their 60s, these abilities will have diminished considerably. If they crash into you, they might not have seen you.

The safest drivers of all are middle-aged ones. They have more maturity and experience than a young driver, and their reactions and senses are much better than older adults. There are, of course, exceptions, and a driver of any age can leave you injured and needing compensation.