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Who files for divorce more often?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Family Law

You’ve likely heard that half of all marriages end in divorce. There are those who dispute this exact figure, but it still illustrates how common divorce is in the United States. It’s something that eventually happens to many couples.

What you may be wondering is, in opposite-sex marriages, who files for divorce more often? Is this something that husbands or wives do more?

Women tend to file more often

Again, exact estimates can vary from one study to another, but it is fairly well-known that women tend to file for divorce more often than men. In fact, some studies claim that it’s as high as 70%. This really makes it appear that it’s not close at all and that men are much more content to stay in their marriages.

You may be wondering why this happens, and that is also unique from one relationship to the next. But some have suggested that there is not always as much equality in marriage as women come to expect in the rest of society. For instance, some studies have discovered that they do the bulk of the housework, even in the modern era. This could suggest that marriage is not viewed the same way by both parties, and it may seem less of a positive to women.

Are you going to file for divorce?

If considering your own divorce is what spurred you to think about this, then make sure you know about all the legal steps you need to take. No matter who files, it’s important to know exactly how to proceed so that you can protect your future.