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Over a dozen locals face alleged drug charges

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Authorities investigating drug crimes may take months or years to build cases against alleged drug traffickers. As a result, when they begin arrests, police may wrangle more people than originally intended. In addition, charges may vary from person to person, but any people named in indictments can face serious charges and prolonged prison time. A recent set of indictments in Marion County, makes this point clear.

Marion County indictments

According to a recent WDTV report, authorities charged 16 people in Marion County for alleged participation in a drug operation. These alleged crimes date back to 2018. The report states that authorities accused these locals of a range of alleged crimes from drug offenses to attempted murder.

Penalties for controlled drug offenses

Penalties in West Virginia for drug offenses range from fines to minimum sentences to both. Misdemeanor and felony minimum sentences vary, with felony convictions carrying the highest and most serious sentences. For example, if convicted of a felony methamphetamine offense, the minimum imprisonment sentence is one to 15 years, up to a $25,000 fine or both the prison sentence and fine.

You have rights

Even if authorities accuse you of a drug crime, you are entitled to your rights. You may benefit from the help of an attorney who can be an advocate for you. An attorney for the people of Charles Town, West Virginia, can help make you aware of your options and rights. If authorities take years to build their case, you may need to begin building your defense immediately.