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Road fatalities numbers are getting worse in West Virginia

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There is always the potential for an auto accident with injuries and fatalities when taking to the road in West Virginia. The problem has grown worse in recent years with the statistics to back it up.

Whether it is due to the increased temptation of cellphones leading to distracted driving, choosing to get behind the wheel after using alcohol or drugs, or simple speeding and recklessness, people need to be aware of the trends and take preventative steps to be safe. When there is a collision, knowing the available options to help with recovery is also important.

Statistics show the roads are becoming deadlier

Research from QuoteWizard shines a light on just how problematic the roads are becoming. In West Virginia, the number of road fatalities rose by 12% from 2020 to 2021 with an increase by 31 deaths. This is troubling because 2020 was the worst year for road fatalities in the state in 13 years.

Overall, West Virginia ranked 19th among the states in the growth of road fatalities. Another recent study had shown that motorcyclists in the state were dying with a greater frequency with a 36% spike. A total of 37 motorcyclists died in 2021.

The West Virginia Department of Transportation says that there is a 29 times greater chance of motorcyclists to lose their lives in an accident. They have quadruple the chance of injury than people in motor vehicles.

For help with determining a path forward, having experienced advice is imperative

The problem with auto accidents is not limited to West Virginia. Throughout the United States, auto accidents with fatalities have been on the upswing. There were more than 46,000 deaths across the nation in 2021. Since accidents with injuries and fatalities can stoke immense changes in a person’s life or lead to their death, it is wise to have advice.

A key decision when considering what steps to take after an auto accident is knowing who to call for help. Getting experienced and professional guidance from those who are focused on clients’ rights and getting them the maximum recovery to assist with the cost of medical care, lost income, absence of companionship and more is crucial. Before accepting a settlement, it is vital to have an advocate to gather evidence and take the initiative in filing a claim.