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When you can end a protective order in West Virginia

by | May 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

You may have taken a protective order out on your spouse following a big fight between the two of you. People often take out protective orders when they feel their own safety, or the safety of their children is in jeopardy. While these orders cannot physically stop someone from contacting you or your family, they provide and often effective legal deterrent.

Yet, as the days and weeks have gone on, you may decide to terminate the protective order. Reconciliation between spouses is a common reason people choose to terminate a protective order early.

One more visit to the court house

If you wish to modify or terminate a protective order, you must return to the court house. At the court house, you must fill out a petition to terminate protective order form. You’ll need your basic info and the name of the person that the protective order is against. The form will also ask you why you wish to terminate the protective.

However, that doesn’t mean that you and the other person may have contact against just yet. The law only considers a protective order canceled after law enforcement has notified the other person and the court has held a hearing. Premature contact could lead to legal consequences for the other person.

Only you can decide if termination is the right decision

Courts issue protective orders in times that a person feels that someone has threatened themselves or their family. Choosing to terminate a protective order prematurely is a big decision but a choice that no one can make for you.