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Allegations of multiple sex offenses results in indictment

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2020 | Criminal Defense

In Martinsburg and across West Virginia, allegations of sex offenses are treated very seriously. People who are accused of these charges and placed under arrest must face the reality that they are likely to be indicted. Because these crimes have such a poor public perception, the possible penalties for a conviction are harsh. In addition, even after a person has completed the sentence, there are other challenges they will face including the need to register as a sex offender and the public stigma accompanying these criminal acts. Those who are confronted with these serious charges should remember the importance of a strong criminal defense.

Sexual assault and abuse charges include 16 felonies

A man, 73, is facing 16 felonies for a variety of sex crimes. According to the investigation, he sexually assaulted and abused a boy who, at the time, was 6-years-old. These assaults occurred between August and November 2018. The child, now 9, gave details as to what he says happened. One involved the man showing the child an adult video. Following an investigation, the man was placed under arrest. He faces multiple charges including sexual abuse, sexual assault, using obscene material to seduce a minor, and more.

A conviction for sex-based charges can lead to hefty penalties

There is a naturally negative reaction to these types of criminal accusations, especially when they are committed against a child. Even with that, it is important to remember that everyone has a right to a strong defense. It is possible that the charges are not true or the man can reach a plea agreement to reduce some of the charges. Being arrested for sex offenses is a difficult and life-changing situation and it is bound to grow more complicated after an indictment.

Understanding legal rights and having a strong defense is key

People who are arrested and indicted must remember they have certain rights under the U.S. Constitution including the right to a speedy trial; the right to an impartial jury; the right to call witnesses; and to have legal representation. Understanding the severity of the penalties that accompany a conviction for sex crimes is vital. To avoid the worst possible penalties and try to achieve a positive outcome, having legal assistance from a firm that handles sex offenses and other criminal charges may be able to help.