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Take extra care when driving when winter weather strikes

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Winter weather is coming to West Virginia, and when the roads get slick with ice and snow, it is easy to cause a car crash. The following are some tips drivers can take when the roads are slippery to avoid causing a car accident.

Tip 1: Stay alert

It is always important to be aware of those around you when driving, and this is especially true during winter weather. Distracted driving, whether it is texting and driving, eating while driving or grooming while driving can take you eyes, hands and attention away from the task of driving, which could easily lead to a car crash.

Tip 2: Slow down

Speeding is dangerous in almost any circumstance, but this is especially true when winter weather hits. When roads are slick, you may lose the ability to control your car and you will need to increase the distance between you and other vehicles so you can safely come to a stop when necessary. If you are speeding in winter driving conditions, you could cause a car accident.

Tip 3: Watch out for snow plows

It can be frustrating to be stuck behind a snow plow, and you may be tempted to pass it so you can get to your destination faster. However, it is important not to crowd a snow plow or drive side-by-side one. Snow plows have to drive slowly, make frequent stops, make wide turns and may overlap lanes. It is safer to stay safely behind a snow plow, and use caution if you feel you must pass a snow plow.

Where to turn if you are in a car crash this winter

Negligent driving is dangerous no matter what the season is, but it is especially dangerous in the winter. Distracted driving and reckless driving can be considered a breach of your duty of care as a motorist. If this breach causes a car accident that injures another person, the injured party may want to consider their legal options, including filing a lawsuit if appropriate.