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Penalties for sex crimes in West Virginia are high

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Allegations of sexual abuse and sexual assault are serious criminal matters. When a West Virginia resident is charged with a sex crime, they should expect to face serious allegations and prepare strong defenses to overcome their charges. That is because the penalties that can attach to sex crime convictions are significant.

Readers should understand that this post does not provide any legal advice. Different sex crimes will be penalized in different ways, and this post provides an overview of some of those possible sanctions. When sexual assault and abuse charges are filed against individuals, they can choose to seek the counsel of trusted criminal defense lawyers to help them prepare for their trials.

Prison sentences

Individuals who are charged with sex crimes should be prepared to be sentenced to some time in prison if they are convicted. For example, the felony charge of first-degree sexual assault can be punished with up to 35 years in prison. If the alleged victim in such an alleged crime is a young child, the penalty associated with a conviction may result in a 100-year prison sentence. Lesser sex crimes may have lesser prison sentence is associated with convictions, but any penalty that results in imprisonment is a serious imposition upon the rights and freedoms of an individual.


Like prison sentences, fines associated with sex crime convictions may vary depending on the severity of the underlying charges. However, individuals charged with and convicted of serious sexual assault and abuse crimes can face fines in excess of $10,000. The costs associated with criminal convictions can be steep and can impose serious financial burdens upon individuals for the rest of their lives.

Criminal convictions for sex crimes are burdensome. No individual should go into a sex crime trial without counsel and preparation. Criminal defense lawyers are well-suited to advise their clients and help them prepare for their legal proceedings.