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What is construction negligence?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Civil Litigation

Construction of a new home or business is the largest investment most people will ever make. But substandard work can have serious financial, legal and safety consequences.

Builder negligence

Construction, or builder negligence, has many causes and may have serious financial, safety and legal consequences that lead to civil litigation. Negligence occurs when a builder or designer does not meet the reasonable standard of care and damage occurs. Deficiencies in the product, or how it’s designed, operated or maintained may underlie this negligence. Failure to meet state and local building codes is also negligent.

Design deficiency

A design deficiency may cause construction defects. This occurs when an architect or engineer prepares an inadequate or incorrect building or system design. Typical examples include defective roof designs that cause water damage, or inadequate structural support. Failure to meet codes in the building’s design is also another sign of negligence.

Material defects

Failures from defective or damaged building materials cause many of these defects. Examples include inferior products that do not last as expected and window frames that may not be properly installed because of being damaged in transit.

Construction defects

Poor or inadequate workmanship can cause numerous failures. An example is leaks from improper plumbing work that cause mold growth or damage to electric wires in the structure.

Operation and maintenance

This occurs when an owner does not use or maintain the structure or its systems properly. Negligence occurs, for example, when exterior sealants are not properly maintained and allows water seepage. Maintaining the HVAC below the required temperature during the winter may cause the pipes to freeze and burst.

Attorneys can assist business or homeowners seek compensation when negligence occurred. They can assist them with obtaining evidence and represent their interests during lawsuits and negotiations.