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People injured and hospitalized when press box collapses

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Personal Injury Claims

When West Virginians think about being injured in an accident, it is a natural reaction to immediately expect it to have been an auto accident, a work accident or even a dog bite. Few are thinking they will be doing something innocuous and suddenly be hurt.

However, it does happen and people can face extensive challenges because of it. Sometimes, people are simply attending an event where there is no good reason to expect there to be an accident. Frequently, they are wrong in thinking they are completely safe. Recently, one such incident occurred and sent nine people to the hospital.

Press box floor collapse at sporting event causes injuries

A softball tournament is the last place anyone would think a serious accident would occur. Unfortunately, an accident did happen after which nine people – including six students – needed to be hospitalized. A press box floor collapsed and during a middle school softball game. Five people were standing in it at the time. Others were under it.

Although none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening, people are still receiving treatment and the true extent of the injuries in not yet known. The reason for the collapse is being investigated and inspectors are in the process of assessing the structure to gauge why it happened.

Any kind of accident should be assessed by professionals to determine what to do

Injuries can happen at any time and they can cause personal, financial and emotional problems. Even if the injuries are not initially considered serious, that does not mean those who were hurt will not face ramifications because of it. Some injuries take time to show themselves. A problem many people face when they have been impacted by an injury to themselves or a family member is that they do not know who to turn to.

In these cases, experience matters. It is also imperative to have assistance from those who provide one-on-one service, care about what they are doing, think about people’s rights and are ready to hold those responsible accountable for their mistakes. Calling for help is key immediately after personal injury and should be a priority.