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Is texting and driving really a problem?

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving is a national problem. Why? Because most of us carry around small computers in our pockets, including while behind the wheel. When you hear a ping or feel a notification buzzer, it is natural to want to check and see who or what is on the other end.

Is texting while driving legal in West Virginia? Does distracted driving really create that many problems?

Can I text while on the road?

Texting while driving is not legal under West Virginia law. Activities like playing games or writing emails with electronic devices (phones, handheld games, etc.) in your hand are similarly banned (illegal).

In other words, you should put your phone down while you are on the road. State law states specifically that hands-free operation may be acceptable.

National data on distracted driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the simple and quick act of reading a text message can equate to driving 100 yards with your eyes shut.

It is understandable and tragic, the NHTSA also determined that in 2021, over 3,500 people died due to distracted driving accident, or more than nine people every day.

Distracted driving is one type of negligent driver action. Unfortunately, there are others, like driving under the influence, driving without a license, failing to follow traffic laws, etc.

Negligent actions can create very real damage, like property damage or personal injury. West Virginia has such natural beauty and if another driver’s negligence results in your losses, seek relief from the responsible party or insurance.