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How should I handle aggressive truck drivers?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Aggressive driving is a problem on West Virginia’s roads and highways, increasing the risk of an accident for all motorists. There are many factors that lead to distracted driving, including drowsiness, distraction and getting behind schedule.

Truck drivers are just as likely to engage in aggressive driving as any other driver. This may be especially true if they are trying to make a deadline and running behind due to weather, traffic or other issues.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines distracted driving as dangerous behavior while on the road. But what does this mean?

Signs of aggressive driving

If you were asked to spot an aggressive driver on the road, you would probably be able to do so rather easily. Speeding, weaving from lane to lane, tailgating other vehicles and running through stop signs or stop lights are all signs of an aggressive driver.

Aggressive driving is not the same as road rage. Aggressive driving is careless or negligent driving. A driver can engage in aggressive driving without intending to cause an accident or harm anyone.

Road rage involves intent. Aggressive driving can turn into road rage when the aggressive driver intends to cause harm, or even kill, someone else.

Encountering an aggressive driver on the road is scary, and the situation is even more frightening when it is a truck driver. The large size of trucks is intimidating and can cause you extreme anxiety, particularly if the truck driver turns their aggression directly at you.

Avoid and ignore

There are many ways you can handle aggressive truck drivers. Stay away from them as much as you can. Move over into another lane and let them pass.

Once they pass, give them plenty of space ahead of you. If you are driving faster than them, get far ahead of them and continue to avoid them.

Ignore the driver. Do not make eye contact with them or return any gestures. Avoid honking your horn or yelling at them.

Always maintain good driving habits such as wearing your seatbelt and staying within the speed limit.

Reporting aggressive truck drivers

If they keep pursuing you, pull over to the road in a safe place until they are gone. You can call the police and make a report against the aggressive driver.

Give the police as many details as you can remember about the truck driver, such as the license plate number, vehicle description and your location.

An accident with an aggressive truck driver can cost you a lot. In addition to physical injuries and the damage to your vehicle, you may experience major emotional and mental trauma. It may be quite a long time before you are ready to get behind the wheel again.

You have rights as the victim of a truck accident caused by negligence, such as aggressive driving. Compensation for your damages through a personal injury action can help you as you recover from the accident and focus on moving forward with your life.